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2016 Honda Civic a car we waited for over ten months since its global unveil is finally here and roaming on our streets. “Roaming on the street on its day of debut?” Sounds pretty unusual, right? Well, that is exactly what is happening right now, as Honda has rolled out dozens of Honda Civics in Brilliant Blue Metallic and in Ralley Red on the streets of Lahore to give the car a launch in style. The 20 cars rolled out came with a clearly visible decal on the door which read “CIVIC VTEC TURBO” they can be seen in the photos and a video below!

As usual, Honda’s website too saw an update which revealed the technical specification and most importantly a long rumoured lower spec and lesser priced third variant at a cost of PKR 2,349,000. Moreover, pricing of i-VTEC Oriel and VTEC Turbo too saw a change as now they are priced at [...]

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